We make DNA sequencing fast, precise and affordable

LSPR is developing the world's fastest DNA sequencing technology with the lowest error rate and consumable cost. The SEQMET technology enables label-free DNA handling without the need for any reagents.

The technology

At the core of this technology lies a sequencing chip meticulously designed and fabricated by LSPR. This chip features deterministically crafted nanostructures and nanopores of predetermined diameters, accurately positioned in relation to each other.

The technology
The technology

Measuring the RAMAN Spectrum

DNA or RNA strands suspended in a liquid are carefully pipetted onto the chip. Applying a specific voltage, the strands are incrementally drawn through the nanopores. Given that DNA or RNA nucleotides each possess a distinct RAMAN spectrum, the nucleotide type along the strand can be identified by measuring its unique RAMAN spectrum.

Detecting methylated DNA

Moreover, as the RAMAN spectrum of methylated Cytosine differs from that of unaltered Cytosine, LSPR's technology enables the detection of methylated DNA without additional steps. This presents a clear advantage over competing technologies, especially considering the significance of methylated DNA as a crucial indicator in oncology.

Prototype instrument

In 2020, LSPR successfully demonstrated the SEQMET technology, followed by validation in 2021. The focus has now shifted to the development of the prototype instrument, slated for completion in 2024.

Prototype instrument
Prototype instrument

Intellectual property strategy

Thanks to its robust IP strategy, LSPR has a comprehensive plan to efficiently manage, protect, and capitalize on its intellectual property assets. The company holds several patents covering pivotal aspects of its SEQMET technology, while also safeguarding key parameters through trade secret protection, ensuring confidentiality from prying competitors.

Three Distinct Patent Families

Encompassing manufacturing, hardware, and software, LSPR has strategically established three distinct patent families to fortify its intellectual property portfolio.

Trade Secret Protection of Key Parameters

Recognizing the importance of certain parameters, LSPR employs trade secret protection to maintain the confidentiality of critical information, adding an extra layer of security.

Versatile Approach Towards Application-Specific IP

LSPR adopts a flexible approach in developing application-specific IP, fostering market-wide collaborations through adaptable business models, such as a targeted OEM approach. This strategy ensures the company's ability to tailor its offerings to diverse applications and engage in fruitful partnerships across the industry.