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June 2021

We welcome Dr. Csaba Lombosi and wish him all the best in his internship at LSPR!

April  2021

Acquire - Purify - Sequence !

LSPR AG is developing a prototype instrument for deployment in advanced genetics laboratories.


October 2020

LSPR AG has successfully implemented the experimental basis for the most advanced DNA sequencing technology in the world !


To be used in fields such as personalized medicine, highly targeted oncology
therapies and in the fight against rapidly mutating viral diseases, such as COVID19 and others.


January 2020

LSPR develops revolutionary technology !


On the basis of its advanced proprietary nanofabrication process 
the deep technology startup company LSPR develops a novel technology 
in the field of personalised medicine to combat future pandemics.









The fastest DNA sequencing technology in the world 



  Biochips with holder


Grubenstrasse 9
CH-8045 Zürich
Phone +41 (0)43 366 90 74
info AT lspr DOT swiss

Who we are

LSPR AG is a privately-owned Swiss high-technology startup company, located in Wallisellen.


What we do & how we do

LSPR AG adopts the principles of nano-optics in general and localised surface plasmon resonance (LSPR). 





"To make DNA sequencing a routine method in the healthcare, food and plant production industries, by offering high speed, precision and low cost per run."
(Dimitris Kalias, chairman)