About us

LSPR is a privately-owned Swiss deep-technology startup company founded in 2013. The name LSPR stands for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance, denoting a nanooptical physical effect that serves as the fundamental basis of the company's technology. In 2019, LSPR embarked on the development of its SEQMET technology with the aim of enhancing DNA sequencing by making it faster, more precise, and affordable for a wider audience.

Think Label Free

LSPR's motto Think Label Free highlights a key element of its solution. The SEQMET technology adeptly manages DNA without the need for labels and eliminates the necessity for any reagents. Consequently, the technology features the lowest consumable cost, making it notably more affordable.


LSPR’s team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in nanooptics, nanofabrication, software engineering, computational electromagnetics, computational quantum-electrodynamic, ab initio molecular dynamics, and innovation management.


Dr. Dimitris Kalias
Chairman & CEO
Dr. Benedikt Oswald
CTO & Founder
Dr. Dierk Beyer
Dimitrios Metaxas-Trikardos


We continually seek highly qualified experts to enhance our interdisciplinary team. If you hold a Ph.D. or/and have a background in a relevant field, we welcome your application, including your CV, motivation letter and references.

Dr. Magdalena Pl├╝ss
HR, Finance,
(Executive Management)